The greatest challenge facing marketers isn’t how to get enough data but how to organize and interpret it all. We provide concise, yet complete reporting on key analytics via custom-built dashboards that tell you precisely what you want to know.

Your ability to react to market trends depends on how quickly you’re able to recognize them. Our analytics dashboards show you real-time changes along with gradual shifts, putting the data into context with historical input. Never miss another opportunity because you only saw it in your rear-view mirror. Take advantage of the wide-angle view marketing automation gives you with detailed reporting and analytics that give you clear insight into your audience.

With customized analytics, you can:

  • Centralize marketing reports for at-a-glance interpretation
  • Watch growth happen in real time and monitor positives changes as they occur
  • Understand the impact of your SEO, social media, lead scoring, and advertising strategies
  • Get real-time feedback on split A/B testing, site traffic, and other time-sensitive marketing activities
  • Gain omni-channel visibility so you can assess performance across platforms and pinpoint your best routes to your leads
  • Double down on the campaigns that work and eliminate needless spending on channels that don’t meet your ROI standards
  • Turn data into actionable insights with alerts and benchmarks

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