Before you can start a relationship with customers, you first have to meet them. That initial contact is all-important, which is why an effective customer acquisition strategy is the key to your success. Integrated marketing takes customer acquisition leagues beyond what any isolated campaign could do by linking acquisition strategies for a single unified message across all channels of communication.

Bringing together direct mail, email, digital and social media with a strong message is just one part of the process. Business intelligence is another key component. Without demographic and firmographic analysis to identify your best customers and help you find others like them, you would start from scratch with every campaign. Reach Marketing uses the art and science of leading-edge customer acquisition tactics to ensure the success of your business.

Our strategic team will evaluate your current process and develop a go-to-market strategy by:
  • Reviewing your most recent marketing strategy and mining it for data
  • Analyzing the data with market comparison algorithms that highlight new acquisition opportunities
  • Comparing results against largest set of data files in the industry to find the customers who best fit your current client base and future needs
  • Providing recommendations on how to best use that data through the various channels available

Because we customize every step of the process to your needs, you get highly specific solutions that translate into higher response rates and heightened engagement from your prospects. Our integrated approach ensures that your acquisition process is effective across a spectrum of channels.

Who are your customers? Why are they your customers? Where can you find them? What message produces the best results? How can you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? Discover your best customers and speak directly to them with comprehensive customer acquisition techniques that offer proven results.

Our customer acquisition services include:

Every day, we help marketers reach targeted business decision-makers.

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