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From personal finance to managing corporate funds, accountants serve a vital role across a wide range of industries. Financial planners, CPAs, CFOs, finance consultants, tax professionals, and other wealth management experts subscribe to Accounting Today magazine to stay current in the world of accounting. Nearly 250,000 accountants and accounting executives read SourceMedia’s Accounting Today in digital or print media, making this list one of the largest and most complete in the industry.

Subscriber-based lists such as the Accounting Today Magazine Subscribers Business List offer an exceptional value for the B2B market because their members have already expressed an interest in a highly specific field. They’ve also shared their data and therefore provide a great opportunity for multi-channel marketing campaigns. Like all Reach Marketing lists, the Accounting Today file contains verified addresses that undergo regular cleaning and data enhancement.

Accounting Today provides its diverse and well-educated audience of accounting professionals with breaking news, feature-length articles, editorial analysis from experts and offers of related resources. From minor tax changes to sweeping industry shifts, Accounting Today keeps its readership informed via features like the Daily Newswire, podcasts and regular columns delivered daily to subscribers’ email addresses.

The audience for the Accounting Today Magazine Subscribers Business List includes an array of accounting and finance professionals, all of whom can be segmented by industry type, SIC code, region, technologies in use, and other key demographic and firmographic data. They work primarily in the private sector, but many list members work for government agencies. Approaching these audience segments with information that’s particularly relevant to them produces higher response rates.

Overall, this subscriber base is highly educated, but they seek more learning opportunities to stay current in a competitive industry. They welcome offers related to on-campus or distance learning, seminars, webinars, e-books and white papers that shed new light on an aspect of accounting and money management. Because many of them are in positions of authority, they also look for ways to prepare their staff members and respond to training and certification offers.

Technology has become inextricably intertwined with finance, so the members of the Accounting Today Magazine Subscribers Business List have become increasingly tech-savvy. They look for computer software and hardware that helps them and their personnel perform more efficiently. Time management tools, productivity software, mobile devices and finance-specific apps are of particular interest to them. Although much of their daily work is digital, finance professionals in many sectors must also keep hard copies of records, so this subscriber base responds to offers related to office products and supplies.

Money managers are adept at managing their own money too and look for opportunities to invest their personal wealth. They generally have ample discretionary income, and they’re willing to spend it on offers they consider worthwhile. Executive and corporate travel offers pique their interest, and so do luxury vacation packages for leisure travel.

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