7 Tips on HTML Design for Email Marketing

A farrago of fonts, walls of text and untagged images make emails confusing, especially for readers who are viewing them on mobile devices. Great HTML design is unobtrusive, yet exciting; it uses simple, common tools to make a unique statement. Leave the flashing text behind and get a streamlined new look for the new year.

Simple and clean HTML will ensure that your email message is delivered effectively. Focus design efforts on areas that can maximize responses and deliverability:

    • Use fonts that are universal on the Internet such as Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, or Times New Roman. Other fonts can revert to a default font if the recipient doesn’t have it installed on their computer.
    • Minimize the number of fonts, sizes, and colors used in the design for easy flow and professional look
    • When possible, avoid using white (#FFFFFF) text. Spammers sometimes use white text on white backgrounds to prevent visibility of some text, so spam filters may flag this
    • Use ALT tags in the HTML code for each image used in the HTML design
    • Keep the length of the email short, concise, and about one page maximum in length. Newsletters may be longer, but the further details of a message should be left on a hyperlinked web page
    • Use bullet points to identify key points in the message.
    • Clearly identify what the call to action is and restate it multiple times throughout the copy.

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