5 More Tips for B2B Email Success

Why do some emails spark considerable interest while others languish in your prospects’ in-boxes – or worse, get relegated to the spam folder? It’s a question that every business needs to answer; email is a vital tool for B2B marketing, and that trend is likely to continue. A successful email campaign relies on delivering mail to its intended audience, creating rapport with prospects and unifying your email campaign with other marketing efforts.

Here are five tips to help you make the most of your next email campaign even after the mail has been sent.

Use automation wisely. Automation in an email campaign doesn’t mean spam; it means fire-and-forget timing on emails and varied responses to behavioral triggers from readers. By automating aspects of your email campaign, you free human minds to dream up new campaigns or connect with your clientele.

Integrate email with other points of contact. Although email is critical to a campaign’s success, a multi-pronged strategy that combines it with a social media presence, a static website and a blog reinforces your message for current customers and carries it farther to new ones.

Get your email where it needs to go. Working from clean, well-maintained mailing lists ensures that your message goes where you intend it. The most artfully crafted email can’t get a positive response if it never finds its way to your prospect’s mailbox.

Analyze your results throughout the campaign, not just in isolated snapshots. You’ll want to know whether your mail generated a single initial wave of responses or created a slow, but ever-building tide of interest via viral marketing.

Recognize that your campaign isn’t over once the emails are sent. In fact, the initial blast is only the beginning; if you achieve success with it, you could have years-long relationships with the customers to whom you’ve just introduced yourself. Stay in touch with these valuable new contacts and let them know that you’re invested in developing an ongoing give-and-take well after the campaign has officially concluded.

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