4 Tips for Renting a Third-Party List for Your Webinar

Webinars consistently rank among the most popular offerings, but how do you get the word out to as many potential participants as possible? Welcoming the prospects on lists you’ve built is a given, but renting third-party lists can dramatically increase your reach and bring in a whole new audience. Follow these tips to maximize the impact of your webinar list rental.

Pick the Right Kind of List

When renting a list, you have a couple of options: compiled lists and response lists. A compiled list contains data assembled from public records such as phone books, while a response list comes from some action the person on the list has taken – subscribing to a magazine or making a purchase, for instance. Both lists have their merits, but they’re not equivalent; just as with any tool, you want the right one for the job.

Get Comprehensive Lists

Lists increase in value based on how much information they contain. A list that contains email addresses is good; one that links those email addresses with mailing addresses and phone numbers is exponentially better and more useful. After making initial contact via email, you can use the phone numbers on your rental list to confirm attendance, secure commitments from wavering prospects or follow up after the event. Investing in complete lists from the start gives you more options as your leads develop.

Be Specific

Lists let you select for a huge range of demographic and firmographic data. By picking your lists carefully, you dramatically increase response rates. Relevant offers get far more traction with their recipients, and segmented lists help you showcase your relevance to specific audiences.

Go Big

No one has ever regretted having closets that are just too large. That extra space gives room to grow, and so do larger lists. Webinars aren’t bound by the pace of manufacturing or proximity; their theoretical audience is huge. When renting lists, choose options that let you take advantage of that tremendous reach and buy into a larger audience. Whether it’s a single larger list or a number smaller targeted lists, you’ll benefit more from an audience large enough to capitalize on one of webinars’ greatest strengths: their scope.

Creating a dynamite webinar is just the first step in using it as a lead-building tool and a signal of authority in your industry. Once you’ve put the time into developing your webinar, make the most of your efforts by ensuring you get more participation with third-party lists.

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