4 Cool Things You Can Do with an Email Address (Aside from Sending Email)

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Email is ubiquitous now, and yet chances are good that most of the email addresses you access aren’t being fully leveraged. An email address is more than a means to email your leads; it’s also a key to unlock new insights into them. If you’re just using your business email lists for emailing prospects, you’re missing out on some powerful new uses for standard contact information.

Get to Know Your Leads with Email Addresses

How many times do you use your email address as a login for e-commerce sites and social media channels? A single email address can serve as a digital marker for all of your leads’ online activity, allowing you to understand their pain points and offer meaningful solutions. Data append services make it possible to put those pieces of information together to create a more cohesive picture of your leads.

Gather More Complete Information

If you only have an incomplete view of your leads, you can’t customize your approach to them in ways they find relevant. Let’s say you’re trying to connect with digital trade journal publishers within a 150-mile radius. You need to know who’s in the publishing industry, which companies prioritize trade publications, narrow down to those who are primarily on digital platforms, and have location data to pinpoint those within your region. Missing even one piece of information could mean missing out on a highly qualified lead. An email address is key data for append services.

Multi-Channel Contact

You know email marketing is a strong performer that offers excellent ROI, but it becomes even more powerful in context with other marketing channels that reinforce your message. Capturing an email address and linking it to social media data, mailing addresses, and phone numbers can open new pathways to your leads. While you still want to seek permission before contacting prospects through certain channels, email is often a first step to earning that permission and establishing closer contact across a broader base of marketing channels.

Predict the Future

With data-driven marketing automation, an email address can also offer you a glimpse into a crystal ball. If, for example, a prospect uses an email address to sign up for a webinar on a highly specific topic, and the email is linked to an IP address that has shown activity on related pages on your blog and official site, you can accurately predict this lead’s interests and respond to those strong buying signals. Even before you send out a single email, you can tell a lot from a prospect’s address. Make the most of it with data enhancement and marketing automation so you hit the ground running when you make contact with your leads.

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