3 Ways to Build Your Web Site Traffic

Building site traffic is important to your company’s success today, but it’s also crucial to your future success. Sites with few visitors will only fall farther behind their competitors as an increasingly digital global marketplace relegates them to obscurity. The site traffic you build today may be what catapults you to page one rankings next year.

Integrate Your Marketing Strategy

Synergy is a term that gets used often in business writing, but it’s more than just a buzzword. It literally means “working together,” and that’s what every piece of your marketing strategy should do with every other element. Your email marketing campaigns should feed into your blog which should feature links to static pages on your website. All of them should speak with the same voice. A patchwork effect dilutes your brand identity and diminishes traffic.

Give Your Web Visitors a User-Friendly Experience

The more approachable and accessible you make your site, the more visitors are going to linger. Over time, your site can become a destination, a resource that invites its visitors to stay and read a bit. Here’s a checklist of things you can do to retain site visitors and convince them to bring their friends.
◾Provide easy navigation options
◾Offer valuable, information-rich content
◾Make the site easy to view across platforms with responsive web design
◾Flash Web Sites are Out – Mac products do not show FLASH
◾Offer a Search Query
◾Make it easy for visitors to contact you with quick forms or offer Live Chat

Invest in Fresh Content

Google values original content over duplicate content, but not all original content is created equal. Sites that receive regular infusions of fresh content earn higher rankings with Google and other search engines, particularly if that content contributes to a larger body of work. Your content marketing strategy should offer real value: white papers, how-to guides, thoughtful blogs, tips, and other meaningful, well-written information. Forget about providing shallow, thin link-bait, or error-ridden text that exists solely to wrap around back-links; those strategies are dead, and rightfully so. Original and professionally written content, on the other hand, continue to add value and visitors to your site.

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