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It’s time to unveil the top 2020 Marketing trends that will shape the way you do business in the coming year. From chatbots to personalization, marketers will be looking to access the relevant data and technology in order to deliver the ‘me’ experience consumers are after. So without further ado, let’s look at the top Marketing trends that will help you stay ahead of the curve in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the face of marketing
Marketing as we know has been irrevocably changed by the unprecedented speed and large data processing volume capacity that only AI can provide. MARKETING AI® allows marketers to unlock hidden insights that humans alone cannot, shedding light on consumer behavior, trends and critical data points that are driving to more effective customer insights, personalization, and automation. The improvements that MARKETING AI® affords in response times to customers and leads alone are changing the way businesses communicate, directly affecting ROI. Predict how customers will behave in the future, determine when is the best time of day to communicate with prospects to drive sales and respond automatically with a smart algorithm that saves time and resources. Artificial intelligence is leading the charge in helping you leverage and service your existing customers, as well as allowing brands to implement new lead optimization strategies to grow your business.

What is predictive analytics? Predictive analytics encompasses a variety of statistical techniques from data mining, predictive modeling, and machine learning, that analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future or otherwise unknown events.

Predictive Analytics for better customer experience
Being able to predict what customers will ask for and need invariably results in a higher caliber customer experience across the board. The role of Predictive Analytics in understanding customer behavior helps to shine a light on what customers will be needing and wanting based on their current actions. From assisting customer search to determining how best to reach out to your audience, Predictive Analytics enables marketers the opportunity to best serve their customers based on how they actually behave.

Customer Centric Marketing
For the last few years, personalization has been at the forefront of customer-centric marketing activities. However, in 2020 AI and Machine Learning will take that one step further, unlocking an entirely new view into the habits, desires, activities, and purchasing preferences of customers. Today, customer-centric marketing takes the guesswork out of how best to reach and service your customers through the utilization of customer data in an actionable way.

Focusing on Meaningful Data
It’s not just the technology that drives innovation. Rather, it’s access to meaningful, actionable data and insights to drive ROI that will be the legitimate game-changer. Your insights are only as powerful as the data you’re garnering them from. With the improvement in data mining and visualization within the marketing industry, it’s the ability to see how these insights can be laid out that will dig up even further insights into how best to tap into customer-centric marketing views. Gone are the days where relying on Google Analytics is enough to paint a robust picture of customer journeys and buying behaviors. In 2020 companies expect more from their data. Utilizing sophisticated, integrated BI solutions that blend multiple data sources across social, CRM and transactional will give you a unique insight into multi-faceted customer behaviors, enabling you to understand consumer behavior on an entirely different level.


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Personalization is the new marketing
Personalizing customer experience, both online and off is now an expectation by consumers across the board. The advent of customer relationship engines are enabling marketers to essentially follow your patterns to determine how and where you’re going to buy, and what is the best way to target you and. As customer expectations continue to grow, companies are expected to create micro, personalized content that speaks directly to consumers in a macro, sustainable way.

Your love love relationship with email automation
Email marketing is the marketing channel equivalent of your favorite ice cream flavor. Even though you may try a bunch of other flavors, you know you can always come back to your favorite to get the job done. The reality is, email continues to be one of the most effective marketing tools around at driving sales and fostering customer loyalty amongst your audience. As email automation platforms become more sophisticated, marketers are able to access qualified leads with ease in an effective and hyper-targeted way.

It’s all about ‘me’ when it comes to how consumers want to be addressed. Developing the right type of trigger email campaign, enabled by consumer behavior based activities, can deliver relevant and pertinent content to consumers in an automated and relevant way.

Interactive Emails
The role of email has traditionally been a gateway to landing pages. In 2020, email will become more interactive than ever before. While creating a more interactive approach from the get-go is appealing from an awareness-consideration standpoint, marketers will need to be savvy about how these new interactions can enhance the customer journey and drive to purchase while avoiding distracting consumers away from the end goal.

Voice Interfaces
The dichotomy that many email marketers will face in 2020 is how to create compelling content that drives ROI from both the visual consumption of email, as well as an audible one. With the advent of voice interface technology, consumers will soon begin to interact with email away from the screen altogether opting to have their email read to them by one of their many devices. In order to win in this space, marketers will need to develop content that enables consumers to not just interact audibly but also enable easy steps to consume and interact by voice command. It’s a brand new world out there and the future will include a no click solution to buy.

Customer Data Platforms
The Customer Data Platform is quickly superseding the traditional CRM platform, offering a more holistic, in-depth look at multiple channels in a more effective way. A CDP also allows for marketing automation to be even more laser-focused as the customer insights are so much more robust and relevant.

What is Prescriptive Analytics? Prescriptive analytics is the area of business analytics dedicated to finding the best course of action for a given situation and includes both descriptive and predictive analytics.

Automated Data Science
The integration of prescriptive analytics represents the missing link for many organizations who were struggling to garner actionable insights from their predictive data. By making these insights more automated and accessible, marketers will be able to unlock important customer information that was once elusive and unavailable.

Voice Search
Voice Search technology has redefined internet search over the past few years. Today, the process of asking your device to perform an internet search for you has become the norm, and as the technology continues to improve, the need for typing will continue to travel into obsolescence. Currently, only 1 in 5 consumers have taken the next step and actually transacted over voice search technology, but the numbers are predicted to change. The use of voice search to purchase will eventually cut into website and web traffic, redefining the one-click purchase culture.

Every year we look for that one silver bullet that’s going to transform marketing as we know it. From understanding your audience to utilizing your data more effectively, the overarching trend for 2020 is more about the thoughtful amalgamation of all the pieces, setting you up in good stead to dominate in the coming year.

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