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Reach Marketing is an integrated marketing solutions company that combines traditional marketing methods with cutting-edge technology to deliver maximum results. We are dedicated to helping our clients gain business intelligence, improve marketing effectiveness, more efficiently reach their target audience and grow their business.

Reach Marketing is the only company that brings together an inter-disciplinary team of IT, software development, marketing, audience development, database marketing, analytics, SEO/SMO and digital experts within one organization to drive the success of its clients.

Reach Marketing is the direct marketing company launched by the founders, former key marketing management and technology team of Edith Roman Associates. Based in Pearl River, NY, the Reach team is comprised of service-oriented professionals who are passionate about bringing innovative marketing solutions to their B2B and B2C clients.

As the former owners of Edith Roman, Reach Marketing’s founders Stevan and Wayne Roberts offer more than 60 years of combined leadership experience. In founding Reach Marketing, they have combined world-class customer service and direct marketing expertise with innovative analysis and marketing technologies.

Reach Marketing’s suite of services include:
  • List Brokerage
  • List Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Database Management
  • Data Processing
  • Data Hygiene
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Social Media
  • Data Append
  • Email Deployment
  • Audience Development
  • Marketing Creative
  • Editorial Content
  • Customer Profiling

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